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Located at the Historic 5th Ave Station, we have been helping people with their jaw and airway issues at our sister practice Naper Dental Center for the past 11 years. In 2014, we opened a dedicated center which solely focus on the treatment Airway issues, Jaw issues, Orthodontic development and how they all may be a contributing factor to your ailments. Our team goal is to provide the best experience drawing on our extensive knowledge, training and dedication to putting our patients health and well being first. Please join Naper Dental Sleep Center and allow us to provide the experience you deserve.

We are proud to announce that in May of 2017, Naper Dental Sleep Center was granted with the prestigious honor of becoming an Accredited Facility by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Due to our commitment to the highest quality of care in the treatment and diagnosis of sleep disorders, our facility is the 61st Dental Sleep Medicine Accredited Facility in the United States to achieve this honor.

Naper Dental Sleep Center

Meet Our Team

  • Dr. Planer Venegoni

    I would like to welcome you to Naper Dental Sleep Center. I have dedicated my time studying the jaw and airway to provide the best and complete knowledge of my patients anatomy so that we can solve problems patients have been struggling with for years. I encourage you to browse our site to learn more about these topics. If you need more information or feel we can help you, we welcome the chance to meet you discuss your treatment options.

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American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

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So what is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is not a simple disease. We are inundated by information which makes it seam that there is a silver bullet which will "fix you" but unfortunately, it is a much more complex disease. Dr. Planer has spent countless years understanding what makes up this disease and how to provide the most benefit to her patients.

  • What caused Sleep Apnea?

    Is it my weight? Is it my tongue? Is it my genes? Lets understand what is causing my sleep apnea.

  • Your saying my Child has Sleep Apnea!

    Unfortunately this may be the case. Sleep is the most important part of a child's development and if he or she is not sleeping well, developmental issues may appear. Learn how lack of sleep effects my child.

  • My Dentist tells me they can fix this

    There are many professionals who say they can treat sleep apnea but few have the experience or understand the entire anatomy of this disease. Lean how Naper Dental Sleep Center has the ability to make a real difference in your life.

See Dr. Planer in Action

Now I understand!

Some times a video is all in needed! Dr. Planer is being interviewed by Fox Health Front to help individuals understand what is sleep apnea and how Dr. Angela Planer can help improve your day to day life.